Why great meat is worth the wait!

  There are so many labels we put on our food these days.  Pasture raised pork may just seem like another one.  Our focus is on healthy, humanely raised animals that result in a premium quality product for our consumers.  We have all read the stories about animals raised in confinement; we wanted to do something different. 

We hand selected a few gilts (young female pigs) that demonstrated good conformation and were exceptionally friendly and these became our breeding sows.  We wait until they are fully mature and health to breed them.  The mothers have their piglets outside in shelters.  There are no crates, or bars.  They are great mothers who take special care of each piglet.  The mothers are not under stress and therefore the piglets are healthier and grow faster. We keep no more than four sows and they are given two months between weaning and breeding. On average, this means only 45-55 pigs raised each year.

The pigs stay with mom until weaning and are then moved to a larger field where they are free to run and play.  They have shelters in the field but spend most of the day chasing each other, rooting up the dirt and taking naps in the sun.  Since they are free to run around they don’t put on weight as fast as a production pig, but you will find the meat has a better marbling and texture because they are doing what nature intended.  Our pigs also graze on grass and vegetables, digging through the dirt for roots and bugs and soak in plenty of sunshine.  They have space and fresh air and no stress so they don’t get sick and require antibiotics or other treatments.  Our pigs are fed a premium quality feed, fresh water and garden vegetables.  This results in meat that is full of natural vitamins, minerals and has no chemicals, hormones or unwanted additives.

We are proud of the way we raise our pigs and are focused on giving them the best quality of life.  So it may take a month or two longer to raise them but doing things right is always worth the wait.  We have a saying that a happy pig is a tasty pig and ours are thrilled.  It is important for you to know where your food comes from and we encourage you to come to the farm and see for yourself why this how farming should be.





Ordering Information
Coombs Farm pork is offered by the half and whole pig.  By selling this way we ensure each individual customer gets exactly the type, size, cut and package quantity they want for their unique needs.  We will explain the entire process and work with you to explain the cut sheet and ordering process.  All of our meat is processed at a USDA inspected facility that we hand select for their quality.  The meat is vacuum sealed and packaged specially for you.  We do also offer retail cuts at our farm and at the Exeter Farmer's market for those interested in trying out the product.

How Does it work?
When you are ready we will take a deposit on your half or whole order.  We will align your needs with a processing date.  We will walk through the cut sheet with you and help you decide what works best for your family.  Once ready we will notify you that the pork is back.  We will also take any cuts for smoking, like your bacon, from the processor to the smoke house and will pick them up when ready (usually 2 weeks later). 

How much does it cost?  How much space do I need?
In an effort to ensure we keep things equal, we charge by hanging weight (give us a call for pricing by the half and whole).  Our last batch averaged 170lbs hanging weight and resulted in around a 78% yield, or 133lbs packaged weight.  Packaged weight will vary depending on your cut preferences.  A half pig would be half of that amount.  This can include hams, ribs, pork chops, tenderloin, ham steaks, roasts, sausage and of course.... bacon!  While a half pig can be fit in the freezer portion of a fridge/freezer combo we have many customers who have a separate freezer when ordering a whole.  We also have other customers who split their order among family and friends. 

More information on Pork Cuts  

Pasture Bred, Born and Raised Pork