Our family has been farming in New Hampshire since before the revolutionary war.  We are honored to carry on that tradition at our new farm located in Kingston, NH.  We carry only the best quality products and are proud to put our family name on the label.

Our Philosophy
We started farming with the desire to be closer to our food source and control the quality of life for our animals and the quality of the products we put on our table.  We are happy to be able to share that with you.  Our heritage breed sheep are 100% grass-fed.  Our pigs are also raised outdoors on pasture.  This is better for the environment, better for their health and ensures the meat has a full balance of the proteins and minerals nature intended.  We are stewards of our land and intend to continue farming it for decades so we focus on sustainability.  We rotationally graze our stock to keep a balance of healthy growing land and high quality forage for the animals.  We deeply care for our animals and their health is our first priority.  They have plenty of fresh water, fresh air and space to roam.  This ensures healthy  animals that are never given growth hormones, antibiotics or other unnecessary chemicals.  They are humanely treated, endure less stress and enjoy their natural environment.  We encourage you to come visit and see where your food comes from.  We are convinced you will see why our methods are the best choice for you and your family.

We are proud to be an Animal Welfare Approved farm for our pork and lamb, as well as Certified Grass-Fed for our Lamb

Welcome to Coombs Farm